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“Sustainability is in our nature”

For Greenyard, sustainability is just as crucial as water is for our fruit and vegetables. Water is the source of nutrients that makes all the parts of a plant grow and develop into tasty, fresh produce: starting at the roots, up through the stem, and onwards to the leaves and the flowers.

From sustainable farming to sustainable distribution

Our commitment to sustainability is also thoroughly rooted in our organisation. Sustainable farming is at the core. But we go further: we take the environment into consideration in the packaging and transportation of our products. 

Strategy meets sustainability policy

People, planet, profit. These three Ps are the basis of our company strategy. And your guarantee for a stable fruit and vegetables partner. If you add our three Ps of sustainability — people, product, packaging — you get the formula of our success. And that is your guarantee for high-quality, sustainable products.


Your traceability guarantee

  • Each farmer's contract is subject to our strict growing terms with respect to quality and sustainability.
  • We analyse the seeds or cuttings.
  • We select the best field for each crop.
  • Our farmers keep pesticide use to a minimum.
  • Our farmers don't grow any genetically modified crops.
  • We determine the optimal harvest time and our farmers use adapted harvesters to reduce any possible damage to the produce as much as possible.
  • Upon delivery we check your fresh vegetables meticulously according to fixed parameters.
  • Every lot of fruit or vegetables gets a traceable number and a quality score.

Rapid processing after harvesting

Machine aan het werk op het veldYour guarantee of freshness? Our 22 production facilities are located in the most fertile areas of Europe, right next to the harvest locations.

This means you can rest assured that your fruit and vegetables are processed immediately after harvesting. What's more, this avoids any possible damage incurred during long transport times. It also means we keep our ecological footprint to a minimum.

Trust in our dedicated farmers network

Your guarantee of quality and consistency? Our network of dedicated, loyal farmers and farmers associations. All long-term partnerships – on a contractual basis – that often span multiple generations. Above all, our farmers grow your vegetables in compliance with our strict quality standards.

Join us in sowing fertile new ideas in the farming industry

Our goal? The optimisation of growing areas and seed in Europe. That's why our team of agronomists is working in the most fertile regions of Europe. And we're spreading ideas from local success stories via our international network. In this way we are planting the seeds for better, more sustainable farming across Europe.


On the search for alternative energy sources


To process your vegetables quickly and professionally, we require a lot of energy. That's why all Greenyard locations are constantly on the lookout for alternative energy sources and more efficient processing solutions.



Maximum water purification and recuperation

We use a lot of water when washing your vegetables. This means the extremely powerful water purification installations at our locations operate at full capacity. We try to get the most possible use out of the purified water we use, within the limits of quality and food safety standards.
We know exactly how much water is used by each process, thanks to investments in clever water collectors. Just as well, because 'knowledge is power'. This information helps us to optimise processes and to use less water.

Our waste gets a second life

The plant-based waste from your fruit and vegetable products forms the basis of animal feed. Other waste such as wood, cardboard, metal, plastic and glass is collected and sorted for recycling. The result? Residual waste is kept to a minimum.


CEO of Greenyard, Marleen Vaesen on sustainability

“How we make the difference for you, season after season, with respect to sustainability? With our farming knowledge, the hard work of our employees and our expertise in the sustainable processing of fruit and vegetables. Because, together with quality and efficiency, sustainability is the backbone of Greenyard. And the foundation of the growth of our organisation."


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